Daughters of Chibok goes to Venice.

We are thrilled to share that Daughters of Chibok has been announced as an official selection of the prestigious Venice Film Festival. The film is also competing in the linear content category, among 12 other VR films selected from around the world, and is the only VR documentary from the continent of Africa.

We’re super excited that ‘Daughters of Chibok’ is going to a platform as big as the Venice Film Festival, where the audience can have the opportunity to visit Chibok – a place that many have heard of but have never been to. We also hope that through this we can draw attention to the plight of the womenfolk of Chibok, and hopefully raise support for them.

We thank everyone who has supported our vision and cause so far, and look forward to sharing even greater news soon.

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Daughters Of Chibok

2019 marks 5 years since 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped from their hostels in Chibok, a small town in Borno State, North-East Nigeria. More than 100 girls have been rescued by the government but 112 are still missing.

What happens to the mothers who watch each day’s rising sun and midnight moon for a sign of their girls’ return?In the first-ever VR documentary on the Chibok story, Daughters of Chibok gives a voice to the mothers to whom the memory of 14 April 2014 is like yesterday. The documentary, made by Joel ‘Kachi Benson, focuses on their hopes and how they keep the pain at bay. Yana, one of the mothers and a woman leader, shows us how the women turn to the hard earth of Chibok to find purpose, and sustenance for their children. With no means of obtaining fertilizer, pesticides and other elements, their efforts yield next to nothing. They can only till the earth with simple hoes and hope for the rains. Poverty is added to their pain.

But we can change that. For the women of Chibok, a richer harvest can never take the place of a missing child, but it can make a hard life just a little easier and help them earn enough to secure a future for the rest of their children. Without a future to bank on, then the waiting and life itself would be for nothing.

With your support, we want to touch the lives of 112 women who are still waiting for their daughters.

The Daughters of Chibok are not forgotten… or are they?

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